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Businesses that provide industrial and business-to-business (B2B) services are always looking for new ways to develop, encouraging a deeper integration of services. At the same time, attempts to increase productivity and minimise costs continue to take priority. Industrial services organisation managers must strike a balance between managing the bottom line, paying attention to the costs and requirements of complying with new environmental rules, and responding to public pressure on environmental concerns.

Our team uses its extensive expertise in the industrial services industry to identify leaders who will thrive in this dynamic environment. We promote strategic or cultural change inside businesses by assisting in the recruitment and development of emerging leaders, enhancing the performance of the top leadership team.

As professional services organizations navigate the ever-changing business landscape, one thing is clear: the need to adapt and evolve is more pressing than ever. As clients become more sophisticated, they demand a broader range of solutions that are both diverse and cost-effective. To meet these shifting demands, consulting firms must have leaders and organizational cultures that are nimble and able to adapt as they head into the next decade.

At KeyPartners, we understand the importance of aligning people, strategy, and culture. That’s why our clients turn to us for guidance on how to navigate these changes. With firsthand perspectives on the industry’s unique talent issues and relationships with proven leaders, we offer a valuable resource for CEOs, board directors, managing partners, and other key functional leaders.

Our expertise includes:

– Strategy and management consulting
– Financial, transaction, M&A and restructuring advisory
– Human capital, organization, and talent advisory
– Technology, digital and system integration consulting
– Technology, cloud and managed services
– Business services and process outsourcing

We currently work with a range of organizations to help them navigate these changes and stay ahead of the curve. With our deep understanding of the industry and proven track record, we are well-positioned to help your organization thrive in the years to come.

We have assisted consumer organisations in locating, evaluating, and hiring senior talent that can meet the demands of fiercely competitive markets and have a long-term influence on the company.When working with various consumer-facing businesses, our consultants offer a distinctive blend of practical industry knowledge, years of senior executive search experience, and a thorough awareness of the increasingly important role of digital and new technology platforms.
Our clients have ranged from small-cap and private equity operations to the biggest worldwide leaders in the field.

The systems and components serve worldwide commercial and military aerospace markets and associated technological solutions developed, produced, and supplied by our clients. We support the development of the leadership team’s performance and the production of company and stakeholder value by assisting businesses in this dynamic and quickly changing industry with hiring and developing leaders.

An organisation’s ability to influence is intrinsically related to leadership in education, nonprofits, and government. There are significant ramifications for both the business and the people it serves in terms of how successfully leaders fit into or create the organisational culture, as well as their capacity to inspire, carry out the purpose, and deal with the particular problems of the industry.

The world’s leading nonprofit organisations have relied on us for Education, Nonprofit & Government Practice to help them develop and evaluate outstanding leadership teams and boards to address the changing needs of the nonprofit sector. We have a strong commitment to the organisations we support. Our goal is to support you in achieving yours.

The energy business demands executives with nimble management abilities, international experience, and the capacity to negotiate politically challenging circumstances because it is one of the world’s most important, visible, and global sectors. With 75 years of experience, we have a proven track record of locating senior-level executives who can oversee increasingly complex operations in an environment of political, regulatory, and economic uncertainty.

We use our first-hand business knowledge to help customers in the oil and gas, utilities, infrastructure, and renewable energy industries locate and evaluate top executives. Additionally, we enable strategic and cultural transformation for energy firms and help boards and senior leadership teams function more effectively.

Companies that design, develop, produce, integrate, and maintain cutting-edge machinery, equipment, and components for industrial applications work to expand despite fierce competition, quickly changing markets, and the rise of Industry 4.0. The keys to competitive advantage are continuous innovation, faultless business execution, and knowledge of how digitisation will affect current business models. Leaders who can inspire followers and manage change through high-performing teams and deliberate talent management are needed for this.

We promote company and stakeholder value generation by assisting our customers with leadership recruitment, development, and team improvement.

The industry’s renewed focus on the customer for revenue growth, the rise of digital, the necessity for risk management, and the challenge of heightened investor and regulatory scrutiny will all result in further changes to the character of the financial services leader.

We work with financial services companies to create strong, multidisciplinary teams to handle these problems. These teams should include chief executives who can drive profitability while concentrating on strategy, chief compliance officers who are knowledgeable about changing legal requirements, and chief information officers who can fully exploit technological advancements without jeopardising the security of customer data.

Product and channel innovation have been driven by rising demand for investment methods that consider sustainability. In response to this demand, businesses have adopted various strategies and created a broad variety of new products in impact investing, ESG (Environmental, Social, And Governance), and SRI (Socially Responsible Investment). We have a proven track record of placing innovators who are reshaping the impact investing environment. We have expertise in assisting businesses at every stage of this journey.

The financial services ecosystem’s platforms, services, and supporting infrastructure are quickly changing and becoming more critical to the performance of important institutions throughout the sector. All industries are undergoing a fundamental transformation as a result of several factors, including shifting consumer expectations, exploding data quantities and the requirements for ever-sophisticated analytics, the changing threat landscape, escalating cost constraints, and more regulatory scrutiny.

Our extensive ties to the software, services, and larger technology communities help us to spot leaders who can spur economic expansion and provide the market with standout products.

The boundaries of healthcare are continuously being expanded by advances in biological and medical research, which have merged the former distinctions between pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device firms, as well as healthcare systems and insurers.

Additionally, the rapidly expanding relevance of digital health, changing market dynamics, and altering patient behaviour all make it more necessary than ever for healthcare organisations to be inventive. A compelling vision and purpose are more important than ever, and experienced executives who can generate new operational efficiency while balancing price pressure and rising R&D expenses are in high demand.

Rapid globalisation, changing ownership and management tendencies, and developing outbound travel markets provide fresh difficulties for the hotel and leisure sector.
Our consultants have access to visionary leaders with the best-in-class interaction skills, analytical sophistication, financial acumen, and a service orientation that industry businesses want today. They also understand fast-changing client expectations.

KeyPartners has an experienced team of consultants dedicated to search and recruitment in the Legal and Compliance sector.

Our legal recruitment services include corporate and law firm recruitment. We source exceptional legal talent and match them with opportunities in law firms and corporates.

All of our consultants have a background in legal and boast a solid understanding of the legal landscape. They will partner with you throughout the recruitment process and guide you in finding the most skilled talent and the ideal fit for your organisation in terms of values, and soft skills.

Thanks to our market knowledge, robust experience and lasting partnerships with our clients, KeyPartners is the recruitment partner of choice within the legal sector.

Our goal is to ensure the best outcome for every search.

Languages spoken by the team: Italian, English, French, and Spanish

The energy shift is changing the sector’s fundamental makeup, and digital change is continuing to obfuscate the distinction between the B2C and B2B sectors. Industrial firms are becoming more aware of the importance of the customer experience as a growth engine in an on-demand world and the necessity of taking significant, obvious action on the most pressing environmental and societal concerns.
Due to these changes, industrial companies require leaders who can foster organisational cultures that support innovation to create the transformation that the majority of businesses will need to go through while helping to bring a sharp stakeholder and customer focus in a world that is changing quickly. Through executive search, we have assisted various industrial customers in adjusting to ongoing seismic changes in the industry for over 75 years.

Larger, more complicated projects, less public investment, and increased regulatory scrutiny define the infrastructure sector today. The way infrastructure projects are developed, built, and operated is expected to change as a result of new technology and improved data and analytics capabilities. Therefore, businesses must adapt quickly to avoid falling behind. The corporate and governmental sectors are being challenged to work together for the greater benefit through new methods of project funding.

Successful infrastructure executives now need a mix of commercial, strategic, technological, and media abilities to handle escalating demands from new and existing stakeholders. Having restructuring, turnaround, and operational skills will also be crucial. We work with companies throughout the infrastructure ecosystem to promote strategic or cultural transformations, attract and develop emerging leaders, and enhance the performance of the senior leadership team.

The complicated and rapidly changing global insurance market includes ongoing regulatory changes and low-interest rates. At the same time, people and companies seek novel approaches to preserve assets, save expenses, and defend themselves from unanticipated threats.

Our international insurance team, which includes former industry leaders, combines thorough functional understanding, a dedication to quality, and direct sector experience in every search.

Companies throughout the world rely on suppliers of transportation and logistics. Organisations need customer service-focused CEOs with a track record of driving success in a continuously shifting global marketplace. Increasing technology, globalisation, greater competitive pressure, and security concerns are upping the stakes. The ability to generate long-term success in a changing environment requires executives with international experience, great strategic understanding, and operational and commercial competencies.

Our consultants are aware that leaders in this cyclical, cutthroat, and quick-moving sector must do much more than just move goods, services, and people from point A to point b. In a wide range of industries, including third-party logistics, trucks, rail, and the ocean, we have a great deal of expertise in selecting the appropriate leaders. We also advise our clients on corporate culture, team performance, and other crucial leadership challenges.

The media industry has seen a radical transformation as a result of the emergence of digital and the expansion of consumer Internet use.

Traditional content providers and more recent growth-stage businesses compete for market share, and organisations outside the industry realise the strategic value of content. Daily assessments of entire business models and strategies are being made to address the forces reshaping the media landscape.Our expertise supports the whole range of media organisations, with unmatched access to leaders and direct knowledge of content development and audience reach.

Our Healthcare Services Practice provides clients with the access, sophisticated resources, and service of a boutique consultant while offering them the resources, knowledge, and access of a global organisation. For customers searching for the most skilled and capable executives able to meet the increasing needs of healthcare, our extensive experience in the sector offers a significant advantage. Our knowledge includes academic medical centres, community hospitals, faith-based hospitals, non-acute healthcare providers, pharmacy benefit management, speciality hospitals, wellness/prevention, healthcare systems and integrated delivery networks.

Our consultants provide a direct understanding of the industry, important functional responsibilities, and long-standing, close connections with the most searched healthcare providers, former healthcare sector executives, medical practitioners, and academic physicians.

Soon, natural resources organisations will continue to deal with challenges like climate change, political unpredictability, and rising material demand in the developing world. To secure the timely and sustainable management of operations and the supply of natural resources to their clients, many businesses are merging their operations to acquire the cash required to fund entrance into the international mining and refining markets. Success in the natural resource sector demands knowledgeable, forward-thinking executives who can create winning business plans while keeping an eye on societal, political, and environmental issues.

Our Natural Resources division has a track record of successfully aligning the requirements and cultures of our clients with job candidates who will have a long-term effect on their company. Additionally, we promote strategic or cultural transformation while assisting firms in the development of emerging leaders and the efficacy of their top leadership team.

At Keypartners, our team of experienced executive search professionals has a deep understanding of the investment banking and private equity industries. We specialize in identifying and recruiting top talent for positions within these fields, including consultants, banking analysts, capital market analysts, research associates, trading specialists, and more.


With investment banking, our team has a proven track record of identifying and placing highly-skilled individuals in roles related to the creation of capital for other companies, governments, and entities. This includes underwriting new debt and equity securities, aiding in the sale of securities, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, and broker trades for both institutions and private investors.


In the private equity realm, our team has extensive experience connecting high net worth individuals and firms with suitable investment opportunities. We understand the unique needs and requirements of large institutional investors and are able to identify and place the best candidates for positions related to the acquisition of private or public companies with the intention of delisting them from public stock exchanges.


At Keypartners, we understand the importance of finding the right fit for both the employer and employee. Our team takes the time to understand the specific needs and requirements of each role and match them with the most qualified and experienced candidates. Our goal is to help organizations succeed by providing them with the best talent in the investment banking and private equity industries.

Our real estate practice consultants collaborate with a range of global investors, developers, operators, and asset managers. We have great admiration for this sector’s entrepreneurial drive and the blend of financial prudence and imaginative foresight its executives require to flourish.

In recent years, there has been a significant change in the retail, clothing, and luxury goods sectors across all functions and channels. By providing customers with unmatched access to goods and information, digital technologies have raised the standard for the customer experience.

Our customers come to us because of our in-depth knowledge of the industries and functional areas, access to outstanding candidates, and comprehension of the talent and market challenges that will affect a leader’s performance.

The desire for development and innovation drives all technological industries. Still, the rigours of fierce global competition, evolving ecosystems, and cost management impose different expectations on those in leadership positions.

This includes the Internet of Things, 3-D printing, machine learning, AI, and cloud computing. However, industrial technology businesses often underestimate the extent of transformation that Industrial 4.0 necessitates in terms of people, competencies, and organisational culture.

We support industrial technology firms in finding the leaders they require to thrive in this subsequent stage of the Industrial Revolution by ensuring that organisational cultures and designs align with their strategy. We customise our teams depending on the unique requirements of each firm, enlisting specialists from a variety of fields, including industrial technology, cybersecurity, data/analytics, digital marketing, UX customer experience, and mergers and acquisitions.

Our devoted team of advisors has established strong bonds with a broad spectrum of talented and creative job seekers across all functions. Using this information, we assist high-profile multinational corporations, startups supported by venture capital, and private equity-backed companies in defining their leadership needs and hiring the best leaders for their evolving organisations.

The telecom industry is continually reinventing itself to satisfy the demands of knowledgeable consumers and business-to-business clients. Both existing multinationals and up-and-coming competitors require intelligent, multidimensional senior leadership teams with the adaptability to remain ahead and the vision to leverage their technical and industry expertise to open up new business prospects.

We offer unrivalled access to the innovators behind cutting-edge products and services that fundamentally redefine the sector.

Organisations that create and manufacture automotive cars, parts, and associated technologies that transport people, commodities, and materials face intense competition from established businesses and up-and-coming competitors in the global mobility market. Organisations need to reconsider how they approach leadership and culture in light of the rapidly increasing electrification of cars, the development of autonomous vehicles and new value propositions focused on connection. The vision and confidence to innovate, work together, and prioritise consumers.

To assist you in finding the ideal C-level executives for your next venture, we work throughout the industries and services of the mobility spectrum, including the transportation of goods by ship, truck, rail, and vehicle.