IDE: Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

At KeyPartners, we promote inclusion, diversity, and equity
as fundamental values

that enrich our team and are an integral part of our corporate culture. These principles guide us in our commitment to exploring the world with a constantly curious and collaborative spirit.

Creating an inclusive, fair, and respectful work environment that encourages and values diversity is a strategic priority for our Network

Among our core objectives is contributing to building a better future, and we believe this can only be achieved through a concrete commitment to inclusion.

In KeyPartners, we openly support the authenticity of people, encouraging them to be themselves and fully express their talent and personality. Our work environment is designed to offer each individual a sense of belonging, without any form of discrimination related to gender, sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, opinions, or age.


Our corporate culture is based on the fundamental principles of inclusion, diversity, and equity

which act as catalysts for the development and enhancement of individual potential.
The central goal is to consolidate our collaborators’ sense of belonging to our company, actively promoting this inclusive culture at every organizational level.

We are aware that to attract and retain people from different backgrounds, it is essential to break down barriers. Therefore, we are committed to adopting smart, agile, and family-friendly work policies.

In KEYPARTNERS, we celebrate differences, knowing that what sets us apart is also what makes us unique. We welcome and share diversity, recognizing that it enriches us not only professionally but also personally. This enrichment allows us to generate maximum value for our clients and contribute positively to the society in which we operate.

Active listening and openness to dialogue are the main keys to building and maintaining an open and inclusive corporate culture. We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected, thus contributing to cultivating a climate of collaboration and innovation