As a senior recruiter at KeyPartners, Vera plays a vital role in the recruitment team by headhunting at both the national and international level to find the ideal candidates for specific roles within the organization. She also works closely with executives to craft job descriptions and specifications before advertising new job openings. 

Vera is a key member of the team responsible for publishing job advertisements on various platforms and is involved in screening resumes, conducting interviews, and onboarding new hires within the specified time frame. Additionally, she manages candidate relationships, identifying qualified talents and maintaining connections for future opportunities. She also specializes in client relationship management, working to attract and engage prospects and nurture relationships over time. 

Vera leads the recruitment efforts for top management profiles in various industries, such as industrial, engineering and manufacturing, oil and gas, power and renewable, automotive, healthcare, and life sciences. She guides her team members through conducting responsible job interviews and recruitment processes. 

She also assists team members in implementing organizational networks and attending events to build strong client relationships. Her passion for teamwork and fostering constructive dialogue drives her to create a relationship of trust and empathy with the candidate, who is the foundation of the entire recruitment process. 

“I like dynamic work because it is the best way to feel stimulated and give the best. I think that the challenges can be highly formative moments.” Before joining KeyPartners, Vera worked as a senior recruiter for six years at an internationally renowned headhunting firm. She holds a degree in communication sciences from the University of Catania and enjoys practicing outdoor sports and traveling during her free time.