Mauro holds the position of Principal at our organization, where his role is integral to our growth and success. His responsibilities include seeking and developing new business opportunities both locally and internationally. This encompasses everything from prospecting to building and nurturing C-Level networks, as well as managing processes and accounting with customers.

With a deep passion for Social Behavioral Economics, Technology, C-Suite networking, and Entrepreneurship, Mauro brings a unique perspective to his work. His interests align closely with his professional endeavors, allowing him to integrate his passions into his daily responsibilities.

Before joining our organization, Mauro’s career spanned 12 years across Chile and Peru. He gained significant experience in the emerging markets of Central and South America, particularly in the consuming goods and top executive industries. His tenure at Unilever in Santiago de Chile saw him leading renowned brands in the food category. Mauro then moved to Lima, Peru, to contribute to the startup of DNA Human Capital, a rapidly growing Top Executive search multinational. His work there involved developing local and international markets across Latin America, including Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, ultimately earning him a place in the company’s Executive Management Team and recognition as a top performer.

Mauro’s academic background includes a Degree in Economics and a Master of Science in Business Administration from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano. His commitment to continuous learning is evident in his personal life as well. He dedicates his free time to studying financial and real estate literature for investment projects. An advocate for mental and physical health, Mauro engages in sports daily, including functional fitness, running, and playing football. His creative side finds expression in drawing and dancing, activities he enjoys sharing with his wife and children.

Fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian, Mauro’s linguistic proficiency complements his international experience, enabling him to navigate diverse cultural landscapes effectively.

Mauro’s role at our organization is emblematic of his dedication to excellence and his ability to blend professional acumen with personal interests and a multicultural perspective.