Lo Giudice

Associate Consultant

Matteo Lo Giudice serves as an Associate Consultant in the IT & Digital Practice team at our organization. His role is pivotal in leading the Cyber Security division for the national territory. Matteo’s responsibilities include managing key client relationships and guiding them in their HR strategies, a testament to his expertise and leadership in the field.

Additionally, Matteo is tasked with analyzing the national Cyber market. He shares his in-depth knowledge and insights with candidates, demonstrating a commitment to both market intelligence and talent development.

Matteo’s passion extends to Ethical Hacking and Video Games, interests that not only align with his professional domain but also continue to be a significant part of his personal life. This enthusiasm for technology and digital culture is a driving force in his career.

Prior to joining KeyPartners International, Matteo managed the Cyber Security team for Hays, a British multinational recruiting firm. This experience has undoubtedly enriched his understanding and expertise in cybersecurity and recruitment.

Academically, Matteo holds a degree in Economics & Management, specializing in the management of multinational companies. This educational background underpins his strategic approach to business and client management.

In his leisure time, Matteo is an avid gamer, particularly fond of Role-Playing Games (RPGs), and harbors a deep passion for the world of football. This combination of interests reflects a well-rounded personality that balances professional dedication with personal hobbies.

Fluent in his native Italian, as well as English and Spanish, Matteo’s linguistic skills enhance his ability to engage with a diverse range of clients and candidates.

Matteo Lo Giudice is a prime example of the talented professionals at our organization, embodying a blend of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and personal interests.