Mary Frances


Mary Frances Guevara is a seasoned recruiter and career advisor at KeyPartners. With a background in law in Venezuela, she transitioned to recruitment after relocating to Europe. 

As a senior recruiter, Mary manages the onboarding process for new hires, conducts interviews with potential candidates, and oversees the staffing services for the organization. She works closely with senior management to assess departmental operations and determine the need for additional staff. She also screens applicants, sends job invitations to qualified prospects and ensures that the candidate database is up-to-date. Mary is well-versed in the human resource disciplines and procedures that ensure effective recruiting. 

Her career began in the fast-fashion industry, and she later gained experience as a recruiter at Boston Consulting Group and as a headhunter for a British international recruitment firm. Currently, Mary is responsible for developing a qualified pool of candidates, managing the recruitment life cycle for each selection process, and building strong relationships with candidates and clients. 

“I am passionate about learning new things, experiencing different cultures, traveling, trying new foods, and experimenting with new dishes.” 

Mary holds a Master of Law, an MBA, and two Master of Human Resources Management degrees. Her strong ability to empathize and her experience building cross-functional teams with clients and partners from various countries and cultural backgrounds make her an asset to the team. In her free time, Mary enjoys spending time with her family, going to the gym, practicing yoga, visiting the beach, traveling and trying new foods.  

She is fluent in Spanish, bilingual in Italian and speaks advanced English.