As a researcher at KeyPartners, Lara plays a critical role in the selection of senior and executive candidates. Her responsibilities include gathering essential information on candidates, collaborating with key stakeholders, and evaluating candidate applications. She also manages and oversees client relationships.

Lara understands the objectives of clients and employs a consultative and qualitative approach to choosing candidates for the organization. She works closely with company personnel to identify applicants who closely match specific requirements.

In addition to her selection responsibilities, Lara is focused on improving the efficiency of the hiring process, understanding deadlines, and ensuring adherence to necessary quantitative and qualitative standards. When using LinkedIn for recruiting, she maintains a professional demeanor and ensures the highest level of competence.

For Lara, hiring the right people for customer-facing roles is crucial for providing excellent customer service. She narrows the search by focusing on specific educational backgrounds, industries, and levels of experience, which helps her identify a large pool of potentially excellent candidates for the company.

“The adrenaline rush of finding the perfect candidate for my clients is my favorite part of the job,” Lara says. In her free time, she enjoys immersing herself in nature through her hobby of beekeeping.

With a bachelor’s degree in social politics and a master’s in human resources, Lara brings a strategic approach to people management and is well-prepared to play an integral role in business. Prior to joining KeyPartners, she worked as an Engineering Researcher of professional and executive profiles in a Search and Selection Company, where she gained valuable insight into how businesses operate and how human resources contribute to corporate growth.