Roberta is a Research Associate in the IT & Cyber Security practice, dedicated to finding the most suitable candidates for our partner firms. In her role as a consultant, she not only identifies the best matches but also acts as an intermediary between candidates and client companies, strategically supporting both in their growth processes. Her primary activities include conducting phone and video interviews to understand candidates’ soft and hard skills, needs, and ambitions, and following up with them throughout the entire recruitment lifecycle.

Roberta’s additional responsibilities focus on continuous learning and staying updated about the ever-growing IT & Cyber Security sector, as well as understanding and anticipating HR trends. She is passionate about listening and dialogue, both in the workplace and in her personal life, always aiming to build strong relationships based on empathy and trust. This commitment reflects in her professional activities, where she establishes deep connections with people.

Roberta started her professional career in the human resources sector, working as an HR Generalist. She then transitioned to headhunting within the finance and accounting division. For the past four years, she worked in a business and technology consulting company, where she managed Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, and Business Development, mastering these processes end-to-end.

Roberta holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Foreign Languages and has specialized in Digital HR. She is a very curious person who loves exploring the world, riding her bike, reading novels, watching movies, and spending quality time with her friends and family. Her mother tongue is Italian, she speaks fluent English, and has a basic knowledge of German and French.