Lara Torres serves as a Principal at our organization, a role marked by her exceptional dedication and expertise. Her responsibilities are centered on the development and acquisition of new clients, with whom she establishes and maintains robust relationships. Lara excels in understanding their recruitment needs and company culture, offering tailored consulting services. Her keen market monitoring skills allow her to identify emerging trends and opportunities, ensuring her advice is always relevant and impactful.

Lara’s additional responsibilities involve devising strategies to attract top candidates for her clients. She leverages her market knowledge and competitor analysis to align candidate profiles with client needs. Drawing from her ethical values and background in television, Lara ensures all her internal and external interactions are characterized by transparency, efficacy, and clear communication.

Passionate about the world of communication, Lara’s interests extend to reading and writing. She harbors the dream of publishing a book, perhaps a collection of short stories. Her journey began in journalism, transitioning into television as a presenter and creator of formats. She then merged her passion for communication with human resources, balancing these interests in business development roles. In her recent headhunting work, she has trained and managed consultants and led a Business Unit of Sales and Recruiters.

Although close to completing a degree in Communication Sciences, Lara’s career started early in a journalistic editorial office. She holds a diploma in scientific studies. In her leisure time, Lara is an enthusiast of Yoga, fitness, niche perfumes, and skincare. A voracious reader, she finds solace in libraries and has a deep love for animals. Lara often returns to the sea in her native Puglia, which she considers a second home.

Lara is fluent in English and Italian.

Lara Torres embodies the dynamic and multifaceted expertise that defines our team, blending professional acumen with personal passions and ethical values.