Senior Researcher

Jovana is a Senior Recruiter for KeyPartners, where she plays a critical role in the Talent Acquisition team. She is responsible for identifying and recruiting top talent for clients, developing and implementing recruitment strategies, and communicating job opportunities to potential candidates. 

As a senior recruiter, Jovana is instrumental in driving the company’s recruitment solutions and fostering strong relationships with candidates. She actively monitors departmental operations to identify the need for additional staff and effectively communicates with senior management to ensure smooth hiring processes. She also manages the screening process of applicants, reviewing job qualifications and streamlining the selection process. 

“My passion is exploring new cultures internationally, understanding their similarities and differences, connecting with people, and learning more about them.” 

Prior to joining KeyPartners International, Jovana worked as a Recruiter for a well-known international recruitment agency, where she was responsible for recruiting in the Projects & Functions area. She also served as a Delivery Manager, leading a team and coaching three trainees at the consultant level. With her extensive experience and dedication to the recruitment field, Jovana is well-equipped to handle all her responsibilities effectively. 

Jovana holds a degree in Business Administration and majors in Operations Management. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and practices 10 different styles, primarily standard and Latin dances.