Associate Consultant

Gianmaria Bimbato is an Associate at KeyPartners. With a successful career and a deep passion for the Engineering and Manufacturing industry, Gianmaria is an expert headhunter specializing in the recruitment of top management profiles.

His direct and transparent approach is the cornerstone of his work philosophy. Gianmaria firmly believes that clarity and open communication are crucial for building lasting relationships with client companies and candidates. This convinction has enabled him to establish trusted partnerships with the organizations and professionals he collaborates with.

Gianmaria’s professional journey began at one of the leading international recruitment agencies, where he acquired fundamental skills in the field of human resources. From there, he rapidly climbed the ranks, joining an important headhunting company part of a multinational group, supporting local entrepreneurial ventures and corporations in several research and selection projects for middle and top management profiles, enabling him to acquire a solid understanding of the regional, national, and international markets. Specifically, his passion for the automotive sector has driven him to deepen his knowledge, making it one of the main focuses of his professional activities.

Gianmaria Bimbato holds a degree in Law and has been able to apply his legal knowledge to the world of human resources, demonstrating a deep understanding of the complex dynamics of the labor market. His thesis on Corporate Welfare reflects his holistic vision and commitment to balancing the needs of organizations with employee well-being.

In addition to his work, Gianmaria is an avid enthusiast of TV series and stand-up comedians, dedicating his free time to listening to podcasts that cover current affairs or delve into historical and economic topics.