Enrico Calamaro is a member of the IT & Digital practice at KeyPartners, where he is recognized as an expert in software development, cybersecurity, blockchain, and networking. With a broad general business background, business development, and recruiting, he derives great satisfaction from helping his clients find and develop talent. 

Before joining KeyPartners, Enrico honed his skills at a multinational company, where he focused on the technology market, leading local and international clients spanning various sectors including IT & Professional Services, Platforms (Digital, Cloud, Software, AI, and Data), and Systems & Devices. 

Enrico began his career in the insurance industry and later transitioned to a global tech company, where he was in the sales department. In recent years, he has been introduced to the world of recruiting and has acquired market strategies and a strong understanding of the interview process, all while maintaining a business mindset. 

He currently holds a Diploma and plans to acquire further certifications to develop his skills, achieve better results and give a boost to his career. 

Enrico enjoys cultivating his passions during the weekend, which includes football, where he is involved in scouting, and traveling to discover new cultures and uncharted paths.