Senior Researcher

Edoardo Vicendone serves as an Associate Researcher at KeyPartners, where he plays a crucial role in identifying the ideal candidates for various positions. After thoroughly understanding the client's needs, Edoardo leverages job postings, social media searches, and interviews to find the best talent.

His responsibilities include supporting his Principal with LinkedIn searches and job postings, conducting interviews with potential candidates, and assisting in presenting the final shortlist. Edoardo's ability to analyze data and empathize with candidates ensures a comprehensive and effective recruitment process.

Passionate about human behavior and continuous learning, Edoardo is dedicated to improving his knowledge through each interview and interaction. His keen interest in understanding people drives his commitment to finding the perfect match between candidates and clients.

Before joining KeyPartners, Edoardo gained valuable experience in the executive search sector and worked as a salesman during his studies.

Edoardo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s in Human Resources Management, providing him with a strong foundation in both business and HR principles.

In his free time, Edoardo enjoys watching movies, reading books, and exploring museums and cities. His diverse interests and continuous pursuit of knowledge make him a well-rounded and dynamic professional.