Davide Faiella is a distinguished Senior Consultant at KeyPartners, where his expertise shines in the Engineering and Manufacturing practice. His role encompasses a dynamic range of responsibilities, from business development to conducting insightful market analysis. Davide’s interactions with customers during business meetings are pivotal to his role, demonstrating his proficiency and commitment to the organization’s objectives.


Beyond his primary responsibilities, Davide is also engaged in exploring and implementing innovative tools and methods in recruitment
processes. His dedication to experimentation underscores his commitment to enhancing the recruitment landscape, offering substantial value to stakeholders, be it candidates or companies.


What fuels Davide’s passion is the vital role he plays in connecting candidates with companies. His guiding principles of reliability and transparency not only define his professional ethos but also facilitate the recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective. His background in the Human Resources (HR) industry, including experiences in both large corporate settings and niche headhunting firms, has equipped him with a broad and versatile skill set.


Davide is an alumnus of the Università degli Studi di Milano, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Labour Economics. This academic foundation has been instrumental in shaping his professional trajectory.


Away from his professional life, Davide is an ardent sports enthusiast, with a particular fondness for basketball. Whether playing or spectating, his love for the game is evident. His interests also extend to outdoor activities like hiking in the forest, and he has recently developed a keen interest in chess.


Fluent in both his native Italian and proficient in English, Davide’s linguistic abilities enable him to navigate and connect in a diverse and global environment.


Davide Faiella is a testament to the dynamic and multifaceted nature of professionals at KeyPartners, embodying the blend of expertise, passion, and personal interests that define the organization’s culture.